Willpower is Never Enough

I completed the "Whole30 Diet" once. I suppressed my desire to eat chocolate and drink wine FOR 30 DAYS!

But my desire for junk food never diminished.

I had dreams about Jiffy Peanut Butter. It sucked.

I tried the "Whole30 Diet" because I love experimenting on myself. I'm fascinated with trying new diets and fitness routines, monitoring progress, and making adaptations.

I know, I have no life.

My "Whole 30" was a miserable experience. Why?

Because my THOUGHTS were in direct opposition of the result I wanted to produce.

Some of the things I thought over those 30 days:

  • There is something wrong with me.

  • I thought I would be stronger!

  • I have no willpower.

  • Gawd I hate this diet, this is pointless.

  • I have no self-control.

  • I'm going to Mooses Tooth on Day 31 (which I did).

  • I'm weak.

  • But I deserve ice cream!

  • How will I treat myself?

  • Why can't I do this?

  • What's wrong with me?

  • Something's wrong with me.

  • Definitely. Wrong.

I spent 30 days powering against my own will (kinda masochistic, right?).

I thought that if I just fought and resisted my urges hard enough, the desire would diminish.

HAHAHA! (yes, I'm laughing at myself.)

If you're a human, you've probably had similar thoughts about yourself (and let me assure you that this is a normal, human response to any attempt to eliminate desire through willpower).​​​​​​​

We are doing this all wrong.

To eliminate a desire, we have to change our thoughts about the object of our desire.

How do we change our thoughts?

Unpack your desire until you find the thought that supports it, then change that thought. Hire a coach to guide you through this process.

Side note - You guys, I fully believe that EVERYONE should have a qualified life coach. I have a coach that helps me unpack my thoughts, and the process has changed my life.

So here's the secret sauce:

Willpower does not eliminate desire.

Willpower = powering against our own will.

You have to address the desire at the source; your thoughts.

Change your thinking about the situation, and your feelings (desire) will follow suit.

Are you ready to start training your brain to love your body, desire the foods that fuel you, and create the habits that will sustain you? I'm just here waiting for ya! :)

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