When to be a Quitter

I missed the start of the Anchorage Mayor's Marathon. 

On purpose.

I blamed my alarm clock, but the truth was, I gave up.

Oh irrational human behavior, I just love this shit!

Here's the meat. We quit stuff in one of two ways:

(1) I give up, or 

(2) I'm accepting reality. 

Most of us confuse (1) & (2).  

We think we are quitting by accepting reality when in (real) reality, we are giving up. Throwing in the towel.  Done.  Finito.  

So what's wrong with giving up?  Nothing... if you don't want to grow. 

If you are currently considering quitting something, I challenge you to stick with it until you are absolutely 100% certain that by quitting, you would be accepting reality, and NOT giving up.

How to know if you accepting reality or giving up:

  • When we quit with an acceptance of reality, there is no stress or anxiety to avoid.  We are not confused or emotional, and we do not feel rushed.  

  • When we give up, we feel stress, urgency, and confusion about the situation, followed by an immediate (although temporary) relief.

So If you're thinking about quitting, but you're not sure if you're giving up or accepting reality....you're giving up.

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