When Shit Hurts: Surviving the Bonk

My journey as an athlete is sorta hilarious.

I didn't really consider myself an "athlete" until my late 30's. In fact, I was coaching elite athletes before I ever used that term to refer to myself.

But I can honestly say that becoming an athlete has been one of the most profound, life-changing goals I've ever made.

Not a day goes by where I am not put into a situation where I am forced to push myself a little harder, grow a little more, or yell obscenities at my husband on the side of the road.

Like I did yesterday when we went for a "cute little bike ride" with our two kiddos.

I should have known that riding with the hubs always means taking things to the next level, because after pulling 60 pounds of baby-weight around the rolling hills of Chugiak, in 70-degree weather, for 20 miles, I had a total meltdown.

Maybe "bonk" is a better word for it? Regardless, my ability to manage my emotions declined rapidly, and my fight-mode rose accordingly.

After threatening to walk the remaining 5 miles home (which also included a 1,000-foot elevation gain), I came to the decision that this was the moment when it mattered.

How you choose to show up when shit hurts is what really matters.

I mean, I could coast around on our fun little family ride all day long. Or keep playing it small in my business. Or blame my husband (or my kids or my mother) for my discomfort and never take responsibility myself.

You always have the option to stay small.

But the next time something in life hurts, the next time that shit gets uncomfortable and you have the thought "OMG WTF did I just get myself into?"

Know that is the moment when it matters.

What will you choose to make that moment mean?

How will you choose to feel about that moment?

And how will you choose to respond?

That's the shit that matters. The magic sauce.

So the next time I go bike riding with my husband, I'm going to decide in advance that he has a unique way of pushing me out of my comfort zone (athletically and in every other way).

And the moment I step out of that comfort zone, I start growing.

After all, that is what being a #strongmom is all about.

Remember babe... How you choose to show up when it hurts...that's the moment that matters.

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