WHEN FOOD EQUALS DRAMA: 3 tools to use now

When did food become drama for you?

When you went on your first diet?

When that boy in the sixth grade told you he could see your “fat rolls”?

Food is just food.

But for most women, it has become so much more than that.

We associate the food we eat with how we feel in the moment, and in some situations, our value as a person.

Food is our companion when we are lonely.

It gives us relief when we are exhausted and worn out.

Our primary source of pleasure after a long day at work.

A source of anticipation, relief, and escape.

Don’t believe me? The next time you crave a particular food, tune into that craving.

Where do you experience that craving in your body?

Do you experience a slight “high” or rush when you think about that food?

Do you expect food to create a pleasurable outcome for you?

Now, what happens after you eat that food?

Does the pleasure last into the evening; do you ever experience real satisfaction, satiety or contentment?

Or do you feel guilty? Shame. Even self-loathing.

Food can provide temporary satisfaction but creates immense drama in our brain.

"I should not have eaten that."

"I feel like crap, that cake was too much."

"My day was horrible, and I need chocolate, stat!"

"I can’t believe I ate all that pizza. What the hell was I thinking?"

Food is drama when we rely on it to alleviate (or ease) our uncomfortable feelings.

Food is drama when we place our self-worth on what we did or did not eat that day.

Food is drama when we feel immense shame, guilt, or desire before or after eating.

Food is drama when we expect it to provide us with anything OTHER THAN nutrition. Plain and simple.

Let me say that again:

If you EXPECT food to give you something other than nutrients, your brain is making it into drama.


The next time you experience that insatiable craving, ask yourself the following questions:

1.) What TYPE of food am I craving? Is it:

  • A Nutritious food? Then it might not be drama.

  • Is it sugar, salt, flour or alcohol? If so, then you are craving food because your brain wants to raise dopamine levels and buffer an uncomfortable feeling.

2) NAME the feeling currently in your body. Are you tired, anxious, depressed, happy? Name the sensation in your body that is leading to a desire to eat.

3) Take a deep breath. Settle into that feeling. Embrace it fully and intentionally. If the worst thing that can happen to you is a feeling, then you’ve got this girl!

Notice I'm not telling you to NOT eat the food?

Whether you eat the food or not...Is not the point.

Food is just food, remember?

But when we associate food with emotions, we make it drama.

When we make food drama, we create habits that perpetuate poor food choices; food choices that lead to weight gain.

These three steps will challenge your brain to stop the drama. With practice, your brain will start to notice trends in thoughts, feelings and food.

When you consistently practice these three steps, choosing to NOT eat the food will become easy, effortless and second-nature.

Trust me. I'm living proof that you can end the drama around food. And live in your natural, healthy weight, effortlessly.

By uncovering the innermost feelings you have about food, you start to unpack the drama. Until, eventually, the drama moves on.

You’ve got better things to do with your life (and your brain juice) than obsess about food and diet.

Join our tribe at #strongmomtribe. Together we are ending emotional overeating, changing the way we think and feel about our bodies, and raising body-positive children by being an example of what is possible.

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