For When you Feel Like Shit

I had a baby four weeks ago, and my brain feels like mush in my head.

I’m tired.

I can’t recall simple words or details.

I feel unmotivated, lethargic, and anxious.

At first, I had thoughts like;

My brain isn’t working, I sound like an idiot”


“I’m being so lazy, I’m going to fail in my business.”


“I can’t do this.” or the common “I’m not good enough.”

I wanted those thoughts to go away.  I wanted to just feel better!

But the truth is, I can’t just feel better.

I’m physiologically sleep deprived.  

Sometimes, our discomfort is a physiological response; the discomfort is not something that we can just “think differently” about.  

Fatigue, physical pain, depression, are all examples of physiological circumstances that can produce discomfort that we cannot just “think away.”

So after recognizing that my exhaustion was a CIRCUMSTANCE, and not a thought that I could just magically change,  I chose to think differently about fatigue.

The switch was so easy it was almost ridiculous.

I added “...and that’s okay” to the end of every exhausted thought I had.

The thought “I’m being so lazy” became “I’m being so lazy, and that’s okay!  I just had a baby!”

Can you see how liberating this simple switch can be?

Shame, self-blame and resentment start to fade away when we accept our current circumstances, and reject the drama our brain tries to impose upon us.

So go ahead and give it a try!

And the next time you feel like shit, you will know that’s okay.

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