What's up with Mom Guilt?

If you're a momma, chances are, you've felt guilty about something you've done in your role as a parent. Perhaps it's when you allowed your kids to watch five hours of television on Saturday or gave your three-year-old a bowl of ice cream for breakfast to bribe yourself more time to apply your mascara before work.

Regardless of the circumstances, the feeling of "guilt" about our less-than-perfect parenting choices will arise at some point in every mother's life.

Today I want to talk to you, the mommas who are:

  • Perfectionist

  • High-Achiever

  • Driven individual

Because Mom Guilt will hit you particularly hard.


Because you already have thoughts that hold you to a higher-than-normal standard.

And this job of parenting is ripe with opportunity for failure.

So listen up as I share with you some transforming tools that will shape your mindset around parenting, and help you build resiliency to the debilitating feeling that is MOM GUILT!

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