Motivation to Exercise: Why you don't have it, and how to get it.

Have you ever made plans to go to a 6am crossfit class, wake up that morning, check the box schedule, and see that the “Filthy 50” has been programmed.. and decide you don’t want to go?

Where’s the reward in that? Where’s the PLEASURE?

So you snooze the alarm clock, pull the blankets back over your head, and go back to sleep.

But now you feel guilty and anxious for not going. You have the thought, "why can't I do what I say I'm going to do, especially when it comes to exercise?"

Not only did you not go to the gym, but you’ve created a nice little package of cognitive dissonance for yourself.

And so the cycle continues.

You tell yourself you'll go the gym tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes, you’re not feeling motivated.

Your brain tells you “this is going to hurt, be uncomfortable, I’m too tired."

This inner tension that results from the cognitive dissonance eventually becomes unbearable. So you throw your hands up in the air and yell “screw it I’m just not motivated to exercise!”

If you’ve ever had the thought “I'm just not a person who enjoys exercise” or “I can never find the motivation” or “something is wrong with me because I can’t actually follow-through with exercising…”

Congratulations, your brain is working exactly as it should.

Get ready to call in the big guns, cause it’s time for your good-ol prefrontal cortex to step in.

Go ahead and press play, because I'm going to teach you:

  1. Why and how your brain is wired to resist the motivation to exercise; and

  2. How to "hack" your brain to create true, internally driven motivation today!

Simple tips and tricks that you can implement right now.


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