Let's Talk About Boobs

Can we talk about #boobs?

As I approach my due date with baby #3, I am busting (exploding, overfilling) every shirt and bra I own.

I'm pulling out pumps, old nursing bras, and surfing Amazon for shirts that facilitate nursing.

I nursed both my babes for the first 2 years of their life, and I plan to do the same with this little dude.

You see, I'm privileged.

I've never had to struggle with breastfeeding, it just kinda happened on its own. I've had children that latched immediately, a career that supports my needs as a nursing mom, and partners that encourage the lifestyle changes that are a result of being a giant milk machine.

Due to my white, middle-class privilege, I've been lucky enough to have the lifestyle, the career, the social support, and the means with which to breastfeed my children.

But as privilege seems to work in our lives, I did not understand this "seemingly" simple act can come with a great deal of pain for mommas who are unable to breastfeed. A great deal of struggle.





So today, I am feeling a whole new level of respect for these boobs of mine.

The (relative) ease in which I could breastfeed is NOT a reflection of the average woman's experience.

And while the "breast is best" movement has done significant education around the benefits of breastfeeding, it also conveys the message that "if you do not do the breast, you're not doing your best."

Mommas do not need more "mom shaming," they need more support.

What is "best," is exactly what every momma can do, right now, with the tools they have been given.

So if you've never been able to physically breastfeed; if you chose not to breastfeed; if you supplement with formula, or had to stop due to work responsibilities, or just can't fu**ing handle the emotional and physical burden that breastfeeding puts on your body (which is HUGE)...

It is my deepest hope that you will NOT feel ashamed.

You have no reason to feel lesser-than, inadequate, or guilty because you've been told you are not giving your baby what is "best."

You, my beautiful momma, are enough.

You are exactly what your baby needs, at this moment and forever more.

There will always be "something" that we think we should do (or feel guilty for neglecting) for our children.

Our children will thrive off of our love, affection, responsiveness, and warmth.

The method by which you administer their food is not a reflection on you, your parenting, or your worth as a momma.

You. Are. Enough.

So cheers to boobs. All the boobs.

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