Hey Mom! Are you still an Athlete?

I know. You're the mom of beautiful kids, But you can't help but feel a bit sad and resentful that, in the process of becoming their mom, you lost your identity as an athlete.

I hear it all the time.

"If I'm not an athlete, who am I?"

After all, here is a snapshot of then, versus now:

Before-life-with-kids: training plan was specific and dialed. Predictable with predictable results. Time to train, and flexibility to plan the rest of the day around that training. Training was even fun! You recovered and were ready to go the next day. Not to mention the positive reinforcement of getting PRs and winning races.

Life-with-kids looks very different.

Your Body does not respond the way it used to.

Maybe you've sustained injuries from childbirth, or are still recovering.

Struggle to build muscle, and can't recover from a basic training day.

You're not sleeping well. But even more concerning, training does not feel fun anymore. It feels like work, like a chore, like a distant obligation that you no longer retain the willpower to follow-through.

Have you lost sight of your goals?

Wondering if the accumulated miles are even worth it anymore?

The solution is not what you think, because the problem is not what you think.

This is NOT an identity problem.

This is NOT a time-management problem.

This is NOT a strategy problem.

This is a capacity problem.

Meaning, girl you're burning the candle at both ends, and you don't have the emotional capacity to take care of YOU right now.

The first step to re-building your capacity to take care of you, and live a purpose-driven life through sport, is to identify the areas where you are self-sabotaging.

That's right. You are where you are right now, because you are self-sabotaging.

Listen in, as I unpack the problem and present FIVE distinct ways that women self-sabotage their athletic potential after having children.

I then offer alternative thoughts and strategies that you can implement right now, to start rebuilding your energy, passion, and motivation.

Are you ready?

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