Get What you WANT in life: (hint...just be a Spice Girl)

So tell me what you want what you really really want!

This is a common topic in my conversations with people, perhaps because I am a life coach, and perhaps I’m just damn committed to helping people get what they want.

The question can be taken as literally as you want.

So tell me, what do you want?

Common answers include: a new car, a job that doesn’t suck the life out of me, or a relationship that makes me happy.

These are all very justifiable, and worthy desires. In fact, I believe that from a place of abundance, everyone deserves their desires.

So why the hell do we not get what we want?

Simple; We are still focused on what we DO NOT want.

The desire for a new car filters through our mind as a thought, and is quickly replaced by the thought of the junker that is currently sitting in the garage. The focus is not, in fact, on the new car, but on the LACK of a new car.

I spent years wishing I had a better relationship with my husband.

Therapy, self study and my own coaching revealed to me that I was, in fact, so completely focused on the current “shitty” state of my relationship that I could not actually manifest that better relationship for myself.

Everything that happened in my relationship was filtered through a lens of “lack” versus abundance, and everything my husband did only proved that my relationship was not “good enough.”

This same scenario often plays out in our finances. Most of us want more money, but our thoughts are constantly focused on our lack of money, the shortage of resources, the failing job market or the failing economy.

How could we possibly reach our financial goals when our brain is only seeing the LACK of money?

So what am I suggesting here?

That we go around the world seeing circumstances through rose-colored lenses? Practice positive affirmations every morning in the mirror like Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live?

No. Not at all.

In fact, I’m suggesting the opposite.

And as you might come to expect, I’ve got some steps for you, to coach yourself through this LACK mindset.

So get out that piece of paper and start writing…


STEP 1: Take all of the time you need to answer the following question: In one year, what do I want in my life that I currently do not have? In ONE sentence, write what that thing is. Keep it simple. No need to write an Essay here.

STEP 2: Now answer the following question: If I had already accomplished this goal, how would I feel?

STEP 3: What thought do I need to think in order to feel this way? Remember your thought needs to be focused on your GOAL, not on the LACK of your goal.

As an example, The thought, “I really need a new car” while pointing to the dents in your old car is VERY different from the thought “My new car is going to be perfect for me” while thinking of the color and ideal interior.

STEP 4: Live today as if you already achieved your goal.

Your new car is already on its way. So you are reading consumer reviews, talking to friends, visiting showrooms, and stashing away the extra cash every month. This car already belongs to you, and your actions TODAY reflect this reality.

STEP 5: Check your work. How do you know if you’re living today as if your goal has been achieved? By the way you feel.

Think of your emotions as the gas tank, and your thoughts as the fuel.

If your emotions are running on empty (i.e. you’re still feeling doubtful, anxious, or negative about your goal), then you know the thought you are using to fuel your emotion is the wrong thought for you.

No biggie! Just go back to step 3 and come up with a different thought, one that precedes a feeling of fullness and joy.

This is a journey my friends. The art of managing your mind (and your thoughts) is a learned behavior, and if you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or like you’re not living up to your full potential, then it’s because you are NOT managing your mind!

So get your paper and pencil out, and complete the five steps listed above.

As always, I want to know how this went for you!

Take a photo, send me a text, or hell, put it in the mail. I always love hearing from you and watching you grow in this life.

Your path is right in front of you my friend. It’s time to go get what you really really want.

Much love,

Coach Kati

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