Everything Counts: A rational approach to training mom-athletes.

Everything counts.

That's right. When you're a mom and an athlete, it is useful to recognize that every form of movement counts towards your training goals.


Because you're an athlete, and most likely a perfectionist as well. And if you can't "do" your training plan perfectly, you are inclined not to do it at all.

And because you're a mom, you most likely will NOT be able to "do" your training plan perfectly (kids have a way of diverting our best-made plans).

So when I coach my mom-athletes, the first rule we implement is that "everything counts."

At first glance, this perspective will freak you out.

You're probably asking, "How can walking my dog or chasing kids at the park count toward my training plan? What about HRV and Aerobic Threshold and Training Zones? I mean, I barely broke a sweat!"

But trust me, momma, this perspective works.

When we become mommas, we don't have the time (or often the mental energy) to train like we used to. So we tend to get caught up in our head about how we are not doing "enough."

The "I'm not doing enough thought" will debilitate an athlete. It's toxic and will burn you out quicker than your 11th-grade boyfriend at a Bob Marley concert.

So step back and take the larger picture into context.

Sure, it's great that your training plan calls for fartlek's every Friday morning.

But when your toddler wakes up puking and you have to cancel that workout, what are you gonna do? Stress about Fartleks? ( yes, I still giggle like a middle-schooler when I say that word.) Or decide to make the best of it, strap the toddler to your back and do the damn laundry?

Trust me, momma, it counts.

You are an athlete. You are an athlete whether you're sprinting on the track or sprinting the toddler to the puke bucket.

And when you recognize that "every form of movement counts towards your training goals," you will go to bed at night knowing that you are still on-track towards living a fit, strong, bold life.

When "everything counts," you're more likely to mow the damn lawn in your running shoes. Or strap the HR Monitor on for the lunch-time walk with your co-workers. Or suggest taking the stairs vs. the elevator.

When you have the thought that "everything counts," you'll DO MORE OF THE DAMN THINGS THAT DEFINE YOU AS AN ATHLETE!

And then when you sign up for that marathon, you know you're not entering a race untrained. You know you are entering that race with a solid base of physical activity, and you have the tools necessary to step the game up a bit.

So really, everything does counts.

Stop beating yourself up for "not training enough" or "not working out hard enough" or just "not being enough."

This journey is a marathon. Not a sprint.

What you are doing right now to respect and train your body, it's enough. It counts. Trust me.

You're a #strongmom. A bad-ass mom-athlete. Now go show that lawnmower who's boss!

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