A Ski Race, Negative Thoughts & Sex

When you are racing (let's use a ski race as the example), things sometimes happen that are beyond your control.

Snow conditions are poor.  The racer in front of you falls.  Pole breaks. You trip and fall on a downhill corner. 

When these things happen during a race, you have a few choices. 

You can lose your mind and get pissed and decide that its all a pile of horse shit, feel totally embarrassed (shame) and lamely finish the race.  Or lamely quit the race.

Or you can say "crap that sucked, let's keep pushing on"

The key here is, if you (for even a moment) start to beat yourself up during the race, your performance will falter. 

You will NOT advance forward, your body will get slower, and you will likely make more mistakes.  

Shame and guilt do not serve you or your goals. 

When Krueger fell and broke his pole in the 2018 Winter Olympics, he said that he "knew that I had to keep the negative thoughts away." 

Notice that he said that he KNEW he had to keep the negative thoughts away.  He didn't say "and now I get to effortlessly feel positive about my fall”

He has a human brain that has negative thoughts.   He had to intentionally replace those negative thoughts with thoughts that would help him get the results he wanted.

We all have guilt and shame and anger and anxiety.  

We all fall in ski races, break poles, and sometimes even break bones.  

What you choose to think after you fall, will make all the difference.

So the next time you lose your cool, get angry and yell, think about Krueger.  

You've literally just fallen and broken a pole.

This happens, this is the sport we've signed up for. 

And now you have a choice.  

Sit in guilt and shame and beat yourself up over the fall,

or decide that you've still got a race to win.

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