Life as a fit parent can sometimes feel impossible.  It doesn’t matter how old your child is, the struggles remain the same: You’re waking up at regular intervals through the night, there’s spit-up on your favorite shirt, the teenager stayed out past curfew AGAIN…and the damn baby weight is NOT “melting off” (even though it may have been a few years).  


You deserve a healthy, full life. This is a non-negotiable fact. Unfortunately, many mommas don’t get to take the time to care for themselves, and I’m on a mission to change that.


Get ready to secure your own oxygen mask first, because I’m on a mission to makeover your fitness and weight loss journey.

You see, I’m a momma, a social worker, and a personal trainer.

When I had y second baby, my sexy and organized life tanked. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and eating all my emotions. I was put together on the outside, and a hot mess on the inside. Sound familiar?


I was FED-UP with the cycle of emotional eating, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. There had to be a better way.


So I used my training in cognitive behavioral therapy to develop a plan to stop the cycle of emotional eating for good. I put my coach-brain to work and designed specific tools to guide fearless women like you through life changes, stressors, and inevitable speed bumps.  


There is no more “falling off the diet wagon” because my life coaching programs will teach you the tools you need to reach and maintain your ideal weight, for the rest of your life.  





Coach Kati

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