Kati Rehm
Aug 26, 2017

What is the Thought Model?



In life, we as human’s experience things that exist in our environment that we can’t necessarily control.


For example, consider your dog shitting on the rug. Right? It happened, you can't control it, now whaddya gonna do about it?



It is something in our life that has happened.


And based on this circumstance, we create a THOUGHT about it.

Most of the time we are completely unaware of what that thought even is. Perhaps we are overwhelmed with the kids, so when the dog poops on the rug we have the thought “my life is like a big pile of dog shit” that runs through our mind so quickly that we only partly register it.


But even if we are not fully aware of that thought, our body and brain registers it, and that thought leads to a FEELING about the circumstance.


In this scenario, the feeling might be overwhelmed, anxiety, anger.


Now imagine this scenario. You’re in the kitchen trying to feed your kids, the dog shits all over the rug, the kids are screaming, the house stinks, the dog is sulking, and you have a thought that makes you feel like you hate your life.


How are you going to BEHAVE? If it were me, I would yell back at the kids, smack the dog with the dishtowel, clean up the shit, forget to remove the boiling macaroni from the stove, make a bigger mess in the kitchen, and yell some more.


Sounds fun, right?


And the RESULT of this behavior? The kids would scream louder because they would be hungry. The macaroni would be ruined so I would have to make MORE food. The dog would run away from me out of fear. And the house would still smell like shit.

It would seem that my life is a big pile of dog shit.


The RESULT of that first thought I had (the one that I barely registered) would reinforce and provide evidence that the thought was true.


And the dog-shit cycle would start all over again.


I want to teach you how to get the RESULTS in life that you really want.


And we do this by identifying our thoughts, and actively working to change them.


The Thought Model is a visual diagram created by my mentor and coach, Brooke Castillo.


But Brooke did not exactly invent this model. It is based upon the premise of cognitive behavior therapy (that our thoughts lead to feelings lead to consequences), but when I learned how to apply this model to my life, my MIND was blown.


It’s so easy.


And SO. Powerful.


Let me show you how to solve any problem in life. Literally.

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  • Kati Rehm
    Aug 26, 2017

    The Thought Model: 1. A circumstance is a thing that happens in the world that we can’t control. 2. Circumstances trigger our thoughts (which is simply a sentence formed in our mind). 3. Those thoughts will lead to a feeling (a vibration in our body). 4. That feeling will cause an action . 5. The result is the effect of that action, and will inform (and reinforce) our thoughts. The goal of the Thought Model is to become aware of your thoughts! Because once you are aware of them, you can change them. We are not victims of our feelings, actions or results. We can CHOOSE what to think about a circumstance. That thought will influence the feelings, actions and results. If you don’t like the Results you are getting in life, CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS! Circumstances (things we can’t control) Can trigger Thoughts (a sentence formed in our mind) Cause Feelings (a vibration in our body caused by our mind) Cause Actions (what we do or not do) Cause Results (the effect of Action) Click Here to Download the Thought Model Worksheet
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